About The Waterbed Guy

 I first began my foray into the wonderful world of waterbeds in 1981, while still in my teens (barely). The industry was still in it's infancy, and was about to explode into a decade long boom.  I first began as a salesman selling mostly at malls and home expos, eventually working for a few waterbed retailers in the metro New york area. I was initially selling them, but quickly became the top installer in the region, contracting for all the local big and small players. Having felt that i found my calling in life, I pursued it, finding little or no competetion locally. I created my own regional waterbed service, doing set ups, removals, moves and the like. This allowed me to also chase my dream as a musician and to create my own work hours which provided for that lifestyle. I still play every weekend with the same band. Having ridden that wave for over two decades, seeing dozens of companies come and go, i hit ground. It seemed that the boom was long over. The only one left who wanted to sell and service waterbeds in the greatest city in the world was me. Having done a bit of market research, i learned that there was still a market for these things. A pretty good one at that. People still wanted to buy waterbeds, however, for most people across the country, the only place left to buy them was the internet. Nearly all my customers tell me so!  So my plan here is to provide a free "virtual service" to  people who may find themselves in need of it. From today onward, i will build upon the knowledge and tips i have accrued in the last quarter century and share it here. Please share your experiences, good or bad with us as well. I will be doing the same. There is a surprisingly large number of topics to explore, from product selection, to horror stories, and this will be the place to find them. I have also come across many myths and bullsh*t stories that will be debunked here. So let's get to it!


One Response to “About The Waterbed Guy”

  1. Dan Says:

    My girl and i have this problem with sweating! at night in our warterbed. Damn!! and the sticking to the sheets on top of the pad that is under us. We have adjusted the temp but to no avail.
    Please help us. We are at a lost..

    Man to Man, we stick together so bad she won`t even let me touch her….lol. We have to do that on the sofa, not much room there. I`m sure you get the drift.
    thanks Dan

    Ok, one more thing we have tried cotton,flannel, and satin sheets.

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